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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

End Year Celebration

So December has come to an end, Happy 2013 everyone! =D
Made some new year resolution so let's hope they come true.

December was filled with events in conjunction with Christmas, public holidays, year-end sales and new year eve.

Some highlights of December ..

Post-Jenny Birthday Celebration + Shabu Shabu Dinner at Pavilion KL
Spot all 6 college buddies in the BALL!

Visting the malls + some good movietime + xmas photo session.
Can you guess which malls are we in ? =)

The background says it all! Our department Christmas dinner !
Boy do I feel lucky. In fact, majority of the lucky draw went to my table ! muhahahhaha
Christmas Gift Exchange.
Arent' this origami Santa sooooo cute!
I frame them up inside an Ikea frame the very next day hang next to my table!
Got an electric blue pullover by H&M.
Gonna look electric during Australia trip =D

Ohh not forgetting KK + DD in Christmas mood but I think you should know where KK is right? =D

Unfortunately I came down with a fever at NYE, so I could only manage to see the fireworks at a distance (though it was really clear & easy to see compared too 80 degree look at the near point last year) But most importantly, I had my beloved right by my side during NYE and that's all the matter!  

I won't see much blogging till peak ends. Good luck everyone !

Signing out,
I'll get the alarm clocked in at 6.45 a.m. tomorrow! *fingers crossed*

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Been watching some good animations scoring high ratings from Rotten Tomatoes!
No regrets watching it (don't mind watching it again cause it's good!)
So why not hit to the cinema for some good movies !

Watched this yesterday, and it was really good ! Wreck it Ralph!

Ohh the bad guy quote;
"I'm bad and that's good, 
I will never be good and that's not bad, 
there's no one I rather be than me!"

.. ohhh not forgetting  to bring out the Christmas spirit in you! "Rise of the Guardians"!

Signing out,
Ohh hope work permits, I'm eyeing on The Hobbit in signatures ! ;)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Buckle Up!

Weeks ago, went to Kenanga Wholeseller Mall in attempt to look for some peter-pan but failed.
Instead, bought some belts at affordable prices (Believe me, the choices are endless).
Best part, you do not need to buy in bulks =D
So google Map up your way if you're interested.
Happy Friday !

Signing out,
Just had a haircut, oh my head feels half-lighter ! Hahaha

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mix It Up!

Ohh since the holiday is on the run, why not find time to colour some nails?
Learned this technique of mixing two colours together with a sponge online.
Blending both my purple shades of nail polish colour together.
Though a bit messy but looks cool.
Will re-attempt again with pink shades but softer on the sponge blending =D

Signing out,
HOORAY for another day off tomorrow =D

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Ex-G to Current G to Non-G type of gathering !(and also Wan Ling & Wendy's Birthday Celebration)

Faizal & Aleesa's Wedding Celebration. Congrats to both of you =D

Dinner @ Zen + Han Yang's Birthday Celebration! =D

Signing out,
Cheers !
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